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Our stucco expertise and quality is unmatched. Our motto, "The Cost of Poor Quality far exceeds the Price of Excellence", speaks to our commitment to the customer. We pride ourselves in making sure the home or building is properly repaired and that the actual cause of the failure is not just covered over. Many companies just apply new stucco to make the home or building look pretty. We are committed to repairing the underlying cause of the damage so duplicate repairs won't be needed in the future.

We are the only company the can perform all the investigation, tests, structural repairs and stucco application. We have tested, reviewed and/or repaired over 7000 homes across the Wasatch Front. We are fully licensed and insured and follow all State and Local codes and building practices or requirements including the new laws, regarding Lead, that went into effect on April 21, 2010. 

Our company is small compared to many. But this is by design. We feel that by keeping things smaller we can create a more intimate relationship with our clients. Repairs and designs should reflect both the needs and the desire of the client. Further we can dedicate more time to each project to ensure the client receives the highest quality work and full understanding of costs throughout the repair process. Keeping the client involved with every step of the process builds understanding and trust. These are key issues to a successful relationship and an excellent job.

Licenses / Credentials :

• Licensed General Contractor
• Certified stucco applicators
• Certified Infrared Thermograper
• Certified Lead Testing and Abatement
• Certified Environment Mold and Air Quaility Testing
• Meth testing 

Call on Your Salt Lake City Stucco Company for all Your Stucco Needs

If you’re looking for a durable and maintenance free product for your home, you can’t beat stucco. Also referred to cement plaster, stucco is commonly used for exterior and interior surfaces. If you are fortunate to have exterior stucco or a stucco wall interior, you'll want to take the necessary steps to preserve it. The mixture is made of exacting measurements of sand water and cement. The Salt Lake City Stucco Company has the skill to blend the ideal mix for your home. Stucco is not a DIY project. You'll most likely end up with less than satisfactory results. Even attempting to patch a stucco wall can leave you with some disastrous results. Making the perfect stucco wall mix requires experience that can only be found through your local Salt Lake City stucco service. 

These stucco wall specialists from the Salt Lake City Stucco Company will make sure that the job is done right the first time. These elements make every stucco siding project unique. The surface designs are created using special techniques and tools. The professional plasterers at the Salt Lake City Stucco Company are true artists with years of experience through which they have developed their talent. Our professionals possess a level of skill that is rare these days. 

Stucco Repairs by the Salt Lake City Stucco Company

Stucco on the outside of a home is susceptible to water damage. People will often try to cover stains on stucco siding with paint but stains may be evidence of problems with the siding. You should call your Salt Lake City Stucco Company if you believe you might have damage to your exterior stucco. They can provide a complete inspection of your house siding. They have a trained eye for cracks, depressions and bulges indicating problems with the stucco wall. Before removing any loosened exterior stucco to check the damage underneath, they will ask your permission. 

Every inch of the house siding will be inspected by the Salt Lake City Stucco Company for signs of cracks, unusual stains or bulging. They will use a tapping method to locate soft or spongy areas. These are often found at the base of exterior walls. Any of these signs can be an indication of damage. They may also be an indication to the Salt Lake City Stucco Company of a more serious problem beneath the stucco siding. This may require repairs to the house itself before any repairs can be made on the stucco. The Salt Lake City Stucco Company will show you exactly where the damage is so that you can get the necessary repairs done before starting the stucco project. They will also search for the cause of the damage. It may be necessary to grade the soil away from the lower portion of stucco wall to provide better drainage. You may also need to repair or add on gutters and downspouts. 

After the repairs have been made, the Salt Lake City Stucco Company can then work on the stucco siding. You might enjoy watching the artistic work of the plasterers. Using the stucco mix they can create patched areas that will blend perfectly with your existing siding. Once the repairs are made to the stucco siding, the underlying structure will be protected from the weather. 

The Salt Lake City Stucco Company and Your New Home

If you are considering exterior stucco for a new home, the Salt Lake City Stucco Company is the place to call. Again, unless you happen to be a professional plasterer, this is not a do it yourself project. It might look like a simple job but when not applied properly, stucco can allow moisture to seep in and cause damage. Left unchecked rot and mold can develop, creating not only unsightly house siding but health issues for your family as well. The Salt Lake City Stucco Company can give you advice about your roof flashing, gutters and down spouts and help you find ways to make them work more effectively. They may discuss water diversion ideas to keep the exposure to excess moisture of your new exterior stucco to a minimum. 

Stucco is a low cost siding that is suitable for almost any surface and holds up well in all climates. It is durable and fire resistant. It can be used over many types of structures. Exterior stucco will also act as an insulator against extremes of heat or cold. This provides the added benefit of cutting your energy bills. The Salt Lake City Stucco Company can help you in the design of your house siding whether you want to cover the entire house or just one section. They will assure that its appearance will be attractive and that the structure underneath will be protected from the elements. When exterior stucco is applied by a professional Salt Lake City Stucco Company, you can be assured of a beautiful siding for many years.

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